People sometimes engage in self-destructive behaviour, rejecting any assistance others may offer. Interventions, when done correctly, are extremely effective in helping these people accept help.

Interventions Information


Last Door refers families and employers to Linda Lane Devlin CIP Board Certified Interventions on Demand, and Ware Interventions to provide addiction intervention/treatment services, and consultation to individuals and their families to clear the path to recovery, facilitating freedom from the devastating and deadly disease of addiction.

Across the border and across addictions they can provide a caring yet effective and individualized approach to intervention/treatment and on-going recovery services resulting in a new way of life.

PLEASE NOTE – Interventions are not part of the Last Door, and are third-party contractors. You should NEVER use an interventionist that is affiliated with a treatment centre. The treatment approach should be an unbiased approach. These interventionist are approved by the Last Door but they DO NOT automatically pick the Last Door as the treatment provider, that decision should be made without pressure from the treatment centre.

Interventions on Demand

Linda Lane Devlin
Educator Certified Counsellor
Addiction Intervention Specialist, CIP, I.C.A.D.C. CCAC, CCCS

Linda is a Board Registered Interventionist who has conducted many successful Interventions. She is a long-standing member of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation, an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor through ICRC and Certified Intervention Profession CIP through the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

Ware Interventions

Todd Ware
Certified Interventionist

Todd specializes in supporting individuals move into solution. His experience at Vancouver Coastal Health provides him with the necessary skills to take charge of difficult situations and dealing with addiction problems. In addition, Todd has extensive experience in working with both young men and women in different stages of their recovery process.

Licensing and Accreditation

Professional Services

Comprehensive monitoring is undertaken at regular intervals to ascertain program delivery is staying to true to best practices.

Alumni of the Month Stu



“It was important to do long term treatment because I got to establish social skills and other skills that related to, getting clean and being back in a community and getting job skills and using those things to intergrade back into a community.”

Austin H

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