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Addiction Treatment for Youth, Adults & Families located in Canada's most vibrant and successful Recovery Community that builds Recovery Capital.

The Last Door multidisciplinary team will go above and beyond for you, your family and your employer. We're more than just an addiction rehab centre, we're an inclusive supportive addiction recovery community, ready to help you and your family heal from the harms of addiction. The Last Door will help you build recovery capital in your life to sustain long term recovery. Last Door uses the My Recovery Plan Software that supports increasing Recovery Capital by using the REC CAP Assessment Tool, a strengths-based approach that measures seven domains of Recovery Capital. Each Client receives a tablet and access to the My Recovery Plan software. Access to this software will provide a view on how Recovery Capital Scores increase over time and also provide reports on what interventions are providing better health outcomes during their recovery journey. Evidence shows people with high recovery capital, have better health outcomes.

Addiction Treatment Program


Treatment is viewed as a starting point to a healthier, recovery-based life, free from the impacts of active addiction. Primary Care Facilities are located in uptown New Westminster, BC. Clients get immersed into a vibrant recovery community, and learn through experiential learning on how to rebuild their life. Clients also have access to a beautiful retreat property in a rural area.

Youth Addiction Treatment Program

MALES 14 TO 18

Experience-based education and learning challenges youth to develop healthy values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. The ultimate goal is increased self esteem and improved decision making to support a healthier, recovery-based life, free from the impacts of active addiction. Our clinical teams assist clients to navigate help for mental health challenges, education and job readiness skills.



Last Door's Residential Withdrawal Management and Stabilization Program includes private in-patient medically supported drug and alcohol detox with a physician, nurse and recovery coach. Employees in safety-sensitive roles often use this service to begin their recovery from addiction and return to work.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Intervention


We can provide referrals to licensed Interventionists who provide a variety of services including intervention, life coaching, consultation and case management. Together you will help clarify needs and develop plans for recovery that may or may not include our services.

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Last Door Addiction Treatment Centre

Who are we?

Last Door supports individuals and families to recover from drug addictionalcohol addiction, gambling addictionvideo gaming addiction, internet addiction and nicotine addiction.

For over 37 years Last Door’s drug and alcohol rehab program, recovery community, addiction treatment certified counsellors, support workers and volunteers have supported families to heal from the impacts of substance use.

Last Door’s Addiction Treatment Centre provides licensed, accredited and evidence-based medically led addiction treatment services in a vibrant homelike setting for people from across North America.

Specialized, effective and coordinated bed-based abstinence supported recovery programs are offered that build Recovery Capital for youth, emerging adults and adult men; 14 to 18, 19 to 30, and over 30 years of age. The Last Door also offers family enhancement programs for partners, parents, grandparents and siblings.

Last Door’s Adult Addiction Treatment Program and Last Door’s Youth Addiction Treatment Program are located in the City of New Westminster, which is dubbed “New West Recovery”

The Last Door also provides horticultural therapy, recreational therapy, and wilderness therapy at its 50-acre rural property called “Keystone” located one hour outside of Metro Vancouver, among beautiful pristine BC mountains.

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Addiction Treatment Programs 

Not Ready for Inpatient Treatment?  

  • For those who are not sure if ‘treatment’ is right for them, clients can participate in a daily program viewing and a “10-day intro to recovery” program.  The ideal program for pre-contemplative individuals, with no long term commitment, let us introduce recovery to you and your family.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO – Rediscover Last Door Recovery Centre


ABOUT THIS VIDEO – This is what drug treatment looks like at Last Door Recovery Centre.  The Last Door connects people to the community and their family while participating in a medically led addiction treatment recovery program.   We help clients and their families build Recovery Capital to overcome addiction.

Addiction Treatment Services 

Last Door Recovery Society specializes in treating clients with addiction issues from across Canada.  Clients travel to Vancouver Internation Airport where a driver will be waiting to bring you to Last Door Recovery Centre.  Upon Completion of Treatment, Clients are offered portable Continuing Care Services and direct support from addiction recovery affiliates across Canada.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Structure

Last Door addiction treatment

Last Door Addiction Treatment Centre offers addiction recovery services (but not limited to) the following cities

Drug, Alcohol and Process Addiction Treatment Services:

Supports for Awareness, Celebrations, and Education for Addiction Recovery Issues:

Why do people from across Canada come to the Last Door Recovery Centre for treatment?

Last Door Recovery Society is dubbed the Recovery Captial of Canada with one of the largest recovery communities, people who come to New Westminster BC at Last Door are engaged in a vibrant high structured recovery community that builds Recovery Capital in an individual.  When your loved one returns home they are equipped not just with the knowledge of recovery, but the experience.  Call us to find out more.

What makes Last Door different?

building recovery capital to overcome addiction

The Last Door uses the My Recovery Plan Software to Assess, Mentor, Measure Outcomes, and Monitor a Client during and post-treatment. Evidence shows people with high recovery capital have better health outcomes.   Building Recovery Capital to overcome addiction is a new movement in Canada to overcome addiction. Last Door is a pioneer in this movement by organizing the annual Recovery Capital Conference where over 7,0000 health care professionals have attended since 2017 to learn about Recovery Captial.   Out of the Conference, Last Door launched the My Recovery Plan software as a social enterprise and is being shared with treatment providers across Canada.

What is Recovery Captial?

Recovery Capital interacts with problem severity to shape the intensity and duration of support needed to initiate and sustain recovery.  Re-evaluation of Recovery Capital during the recovery journey may be used to determine the quality and even duration of successful sustained recovery from addiction.

Each week clients use their own tablet to review their Recovery Capital Assessment and their weekly Recovery Goals, allowing the Last Door to build on a clients’ strengths and review their service needs.

Watch this video to learn more about Last Door’s Recovery Capital Project and Click here to learn more about what Recovery Capital is

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“It was important to do long term treatment because I got to establish social skills and other skills that related to, getting clean and being back in a community and getting job skills and using those things to intergrade back into a community.”

Austin H

addiction treatment and drug and alcohol rehab

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Celebrating 35 years of providing therapeutic environments where individuals and families experiencing addiction can gain support and guidance to restore themselves to mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health.   Last Door ensures new clients are entering a healthy, stable environment by encouraging high standards for recovery.  Staying solution focus, clients feel safe and inspired to change.  Families also recover from addiction at Last Door, included in a client's treatment program is Last Door's Keystone Family Enhancement 4 Day Retreat.  Our tag line since 1984 has been  “Breaking the chains of addiction” call us to find out how we can help you or your loved one, break free from the harms of addiction.
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Last Door Recovery Centre
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My husband entered the last door just under a year ago , he was desperate and new he was no longer able to manage his life, on the verge of losing everything. Addiction had been the center of our arguments and as time went on it only got stronger. Today I am so proud to be his wife , The last door is where my husband found purpose , connection and a community, he has made life long friendships here and stays in touch with people daily, they have become like family. I am so thankful my husband was able to find this program and will always be so thankful for the journey he took that brought us here today.
21:05 19 Oct 21
The Best place to help people in addiction.To learn what’s it like to have Father, Son, Granpa be present in your life. Become Honest and Responsible person…. Someone you never thought you or you loved one could ever be
Alexander B.
Alexander B.
23:29 01 Jul 21
Sick dude
Rehan M.
Rehan M.
23:46 26 Sep 20
My son participated in the recovery program at Last Door, I cant say enough about the program. Ryan was absolutely amazing!
Lisa T.
Lisa T.
03:50 14 Sep 20
Amazing centre, I went through and have remained clean for 2 years on FEB 21. Sincerely the best decision I ever did.
Closed E.
Closed E.
03:25 29 Jan 20